Hijama, also called the wet cupping method, is an old therapy for healing which has been utilized for centuries to treat diverse range of ailments. This alternative therapy is growing in popularity in the present day and a lot of people are searching out Hijama centers to reap the advantages. If you reside in Hyderabad the city, then you're in good hands since there are numerous reliable Hijama centers in the city which offer this form of therapy.

In this blog we will discuss the advantages of Hijama therapy. We will also review some of the most effective Hijama center Hyderabad in which you can try this traditional therapy for healing.

What is Hijama Therapy?

Hijama therapy is the process of creating a vacuum over the skin by using glass cups. The cups are placed on certain areas of the body and then a tiny cut is created to allow them to pull out the smallest amount of blood. This procedure is believed to aid in the removal of contaminants from the body as well as increase circulation of the energy, or Qi.

Hijama therapy is widely employed to treat a wide range of illnesses, including back pain, headaches, anxiety, arthritis and depression. It's also believed to be beneficial in dealing with digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, as well as respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues.

Benefits of Hijama Therapy

The practice of Hijama offers many advantages for the mind and body. Here are a few major benefits from this alternative method of therapy:


Hijama therapy aids in eliminating impure and toxins from your body. This will improve overall health and well-being.

Pain Relief:

Hijama therapy is an effective method of pain relief which can reduce inflammation and pain in your body.

Improved blood circulation:

Hijama therapy assists in stimulating circulation of blood, and may boost circulation and speed healing.

Enhances Immunity:

Hijama Therapy can aid in boosting the immune system, which will increase the body's capacity to fight off infection and illnesses.

Stress Relief:

Hijama therapy can lower anxiety and stress levels and improve well-being and mental health.

Best Hijama Centres in Hyderabad

If you're looking for an Hijama center in Hyderabad Here are a few of the top choices to think about:


At i-Revive, we are passionate about providing our clients with personalized wellness plans that prioritize their health and well-being. We specialize in Hijama Cupping, Gliding Cupping, and Deep Tissue Stroking techniques, which we use to offer a targeted range of services that are both effective and safe.

Hijama Health Clinic:

The clinic is situated in Dilsukhnagar, offers a assortment of Hijama treatments that include dry cupping therapy, as well as the facial cupping treatment.

Hijama Sunnah Clinic:

This clinic, which is located in Mehdipatnam, offers a variety of Hijama services, such as dry cupping therapy, as well as Hijama massage.

Hijama Therapy Centre:

The Center located in Masab Tank. situated in Masab Tank, offers many Hijama treatments such as dry cupping therapy, wet cupping therapy, as well as Hijama massage.

Al-Hijama Centre:

This center in Kukatpally, in Kukatpally, offers a assortment of Hijama services that include dry cupping therapy, wet cupping therapy, as well as Hijama classes.

How Does Hijama Therapy Work?

The process operates by making a vacuum over the skin with glass cups. These cups get heated by an electric flame before being placed on certain points on the body. The heating creates a vacuum that draws the skin and other tissues to the cups.

After you have the cup in place after which a small cut is made along the skin with a sterilized blade. The cut is extremely thin and usually just several millimeters in depth, and isn't painful. The goal of an incision is permitting the cup to pull out some blood.

The blood taken out in Hijama therapy is thought to be slow and full of toxins. In removing this blood, your body will eliminate these contaminants and impurities. This will boost overall health and well-being.

After the cups have been removed after which the skin is scrubbed using an antiseptic, and then covered by an elastic bandage. It is recommended that patients take a break for a few hours following the procedure and refrain from strenuous activities throughout the day.

Benefits of Hijama Therapy for Specific Conditions

The Hijama treatment is believed to be beneficial in treating a variety of ailments. Here are a few particular conditions for which Hijama therapy might be beneficial for:


Headaches Hijama treatment is thought to be efficient in managing headaches, which includes migraines. The therapy is believed to reduce inflammation and increase circulation, which could help ease headache pain.

Back Pain:

Hijama therapy can alleviate back pain by increasing the flow of blood to the affected area as well as decreasing inflammation.


It is a Hijama therapy could be beneficial for arthritis sufferers. This therapy may help decrease inflammation in the joints affected and increase mobility.

Depression and anxiety:

Depression and Anxiety Hijama therapy can be helpful to those suffering from anxiety or depression. The practice can lower stress levels and encourage relaxation, which could boost mental wellbeing and health.

Digestive Disorders:

Hijama therapy can improve digestion and reduce symptoms of digestive problems including constipation, and diarrhea.

Hijama Therapy and Modern Medicine

Hijama therapy is a different type of therapy which is not well-known by medical professionals in the modern age. However, there's some evidence suggesting that this therapy could be beneficial in treating some conditions.

A report that was published in The Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine discovered that Hijama therapy was efficient in lessening the intensity in migraine-related headaches. A different study published in The International Journal of Nursing Practice discovered that Hijama therapy proved efficient in decreasing back pain.

Although more research is required to understand the advantages and dangers of Hijama therapy There are many who have had positive experiences with the treatment. If you're thinking about Hijama therapy, it's essential to speak with a licensed professional and discuss any potential issues or risks with your doctor.


Hijama therapy is an old treatment method which has been utilized for long periods of time to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses. The alternative therapy is based on creating a vacuum over the skin by using glass cups, and then taking out some blood. While it isn't generally recognized by medical professionals, a lot of people have reported having positive experiences with the treatment. If you're thinking of Hijama therapy, make sure to speak with an experienced practitioner and discuss any issues or risks with your doctor.